Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming back soon!

Hi there everyone,

It's been a while since I've blogged out here. Over the next week or so my plan is the following:

  • Backup this wordpress blog content, database, etc.

    • Export, site, mysql db, wordpress files

  • Create a new blog over at with my Google Apps domain

  • Import this old blog and all it's crap to the new blog,

    • Categorize all of the old posts, meta data, etc

  • Explore Google Analytics with the new blogger site

  • Stuff a bunch of new posts regarding my home lab configurations

    • KVM Host Builds

      • VMBuilder scripts for building VMs

      • Virtual HD file Conversion scripts

    • SSH Tips & Tricks

      • Forward Local Tunnels

      • Reverse SSH Tunnels

    • Google Apps Stuff

      • Legacy Systems - Exchange & Domino

      • Data Migration

      • Setup

      • SSO

      • Mail Routing

      • Spam/AV

      • Permissions

      • LDAP

    • More and more to come to this new laundry list of silliness to write down... :)


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