Saturday, August 6, 2011

SubSonic - FlashPlayer Broken ? ?

Well... forget about banging your head on the wall trying to fix those poor little client machines.  It's not you... It's me...  We've all heard that one before.

But this time, it's true.  Especially when you've hammered down your web-server on a number of occasions, just to see if you could break it...

ok, you ready for the fix?
sudo rm -Rf /var/subsonic/jetty/2169/jsp/org/apache/jsp/WEB_002dINF/jsp

Keep in mind, I'm running mine on a QEMU Virtual Machine that is Ubuntu 11.04 x64 with the most basic of basic installations. No frills people.

I think the cache files got stuck or corrupted at some point during one of my "stress tests"... fun :)

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