Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Migrating from Wordpress to Google Blogger

Piece of cake... or Pie... whatever you like I guess
  • Open a browser tab:
    • Login to your Wordpress site > 
    • Tools > Export > All Content > Click Download Export File
    • Mine was called something silly like:

      • bill039scrappytechblog.wordpress.2012-07-17 Convert your backup!
      • Then waltz over to this conversion page...
      • browse > find your file > click ok, then Convert  I think
      • saves as something boring like blogger-export.xml... yay!
      • NOW! --->
  • On another browser tab, go to
    • Register or Login with your email address (doesn't matter if it's not an
    • Create a blog > select Settings, then select Import, or something like that
    • Then browse for your converted file... blogger-export.xml
    • click ok... I think.
If I feel bored, I might stick some screenshots up here, but, I'm tired and don't feel like it right now. So, good night.   :]

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