Sunday, October 31, 2010

MOSS 2010 and Project Server 2010 install instructions

MOSS 2010

run spash.html
install prerequisits
Server Farm
select complete install - not standalone
follow this blog for service accounts
in AD, create a moss2010_admin domain account
and create a moss2010_farm domain account
give email address of to both accts!
Add these account to the local Admins group of the farm servers
login to the farm servers as the moss2010_admin account
on the SQL Server - create a new user in SQL as domain\moss2010_admin - grant dbcreator and securityAdmin

USE [master]
CREATE LOGIN [Domain\moss2010_admin]
EXEC master..sp_addsrvrolemember
@loginame = N'domain\moss2010_admin',
@rolename = N'dbcreator'
EXEC master..sp_addsrvrolemember
@loginame = N'Domain\moss2010_admin',
@rolename = N'securityadmin'

config wizard

- Welcome- next
- Services warning - click Yes
- Connect to a server farm, select create new server farm, click next
- Database settings
- - Database server: obxSQL0801\SQl1
- - DB Access Account: domain\moss2010_farm
- Farm Security Settings
- - Passphrase - give it a pwd, next
- Centrl Admin Web App
- - no specific port, NTLM, Next
- Completing config Wiz, verify settings, next
- Config Successful, finish

Central Admin - Wizard

- Use existing managed account (not a new one, should be your moss2010_farm account), next
- Wait here... 5 min later... just a few more minutes :)
- New Top Level Site, create a site with a good name, description and select Team Site, click OK
- Wait here again, maybe go have a smoke-break or somethin.
- Now configure an alternate access mapping for something coming from outside your intranet. Mine was http://servername as the default. I edited it and added an Internet Zone URL of, click Ok
- - think of it as the old host header files
- then on your local machine notebook or whatever, edit your host file to point to your MOSS2010 Farm Server's IP address.
- - open a CMD window, type in edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
- - add an entry like below:
- - -
- Exit the file, Save and then do an ipconfig /flushdns
- open a browser - go to -
- you may find that you need to go back into Central Admin and Add your actual domain user account to the Site Collection Admins for your new web app.

Project Server 2010

Login to Farm server as domain\moss2010_admin
run spash.html
click Install software prerequisits
- Welcome, next
- EULA, Accept, next
- Installation Complete, Finish
Click Install Project Server
- Enter PID, Continue
- EULA, Accept, Continue
- File Location, click Install Now
- Run Config Wizard, Close
Config Wizard
- Welcome, Next
- Services reset warning, click Yes
- Database Server, DB Name, click Next
- go have a smoke break
- Config Successful, click Finish
**Browser Opens
- http://servername:portnum/_admin/adminconfigintro.aspx?scenarioid=adminconfig&welcomestringid=farmconfigurationwizard_welcome&isupgrade=true
- Login as domain\mosss2010_admin
- click Start the Wizard
- Service Account and Services, leave default and click Next
- wait here or there, maybe order some carry-out chinese
- Create a new Top-Level Web App -
- - Web Site Address, select /sites/, name Projects
- - Template - Team Site, click OK
- login to the site using your domain/moss2010_admin account
- Open Site Actions, add your real domain\user account to the Site Collection Administrators

Then re-run the MOSS config Wizard to integrate MOSS and Project Server

Install and configure Project Server 2010

Create a PWA site in your web app

Configure Reporting

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